Ph.D. Candidate | Quantitative Social Scientist

Department of Political Science, University of Colorado, Boulder 

Contact: kathryn.schauer@colorado.edu

About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidiate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My first field is Comparative Politics and my second field is Quantitative Methodology.

In particular, my research primarily examines (1) economic inequality that stems from government policies and its consequences for politics, (2) the effects of economic policy on social and political trust, (3) the benefits of citizens engaging in society and feeling a sense of belonging, and (4) democratic values. 

My dissertation research broadly focuses on policies that create economic inequality and citizens' perceptions of economic inequality. To do so, I examine American "right-to-work" laws (RTW) and public opinion data, spanning from 1956-2020, to gauge the effects of RTW laws on Americans' views of social class. In addition, I look at economic resources that are percieved as being unequally distributed to different social groups and how this affects citizens' diffuse support for democracy.